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DXV’s bathroom and kitchen fixtures are inspired by influential design movements and are reimagined to meet today’s design standards. They are currently focusing designs on four major design movements in recent history – The Classic Movement, the Golden Era, the Modern Movement and the Contemporary Movement. DXV adds to their portfolio of luxury bathroom faucets, fixtures, bathtubs, kitchen faucets and sinks with these historically inspired designs and meet performance demands of the current time.

DXV Classic Movement Hillside Sink

The Classic Movement (1890 – 1920)

The earliest of them all, the Classic Movement focuses on neoclassic designs with a fresh and natural aesthetic for the home. Their bathroom and kitchen products move further from industrial and urban settings and place the focus onto organic details, flowing lines and detailed patterns. Included in the DXV Classic Movement are:

  • The Ashbee Bathroom Collection
  • The Landfair Bathroom Collection
  • The Oak Hill Bathroom Collection
  • The St. George Bathroom Collection
  • The Hillside Kitchen Sink Collection
  • The Victorian Kitchen Faucet Collection
DXV Golden Era Bathroom

The Golden Era (1920 – 1950)

The golden era begins in the roaring twenties and flourishes into the spirit of consumerism by the 1950s. The Golden Era saw more experimentation in car designs, home decor and home goods. DXV takes the spirit of the Golden Era and removes heavy ornamentation to focus on utilitarian shapes and elegant lines. You can see the refined and simple aesthetics of the DXV Golden Era designs in:

  • The Fitzgerald Bathroom Collection
  • The Keefe Bathroom Collection
  • The Pop Bathroom Sink Collection
  • The Randall Bathroom Collection
  • The Wyatt Bathroom Collection
DXV Cossu Toilet

The Modern Movement (1950 – 1990)

The modern design era changed the focus once more to be on new wide-scale and innovative technologies. From the 1950s to the 1990s, designers focused on creating structures that had artful lines and flowing forms with geometric structures. People were challenged to rethink and reimagine their environment. Explore and challenge your design with the modern movement collections like:

  • The DXV Modulus Bathroom Collection
  • The REM Bathroom Collection
  • The Lowell Bathroom Collection
  • The Fresno Kitchen Collection
DXV Contemporary Shower

The Contemporary Movement (1990 – today)

The contemporary movement takes designs from the 1990s and into today to combine aesthetics and evolve them into new, individualized designs. Contemporary home products are typically crisp and lack adornment, which gives them a sense of elegance and utility. Sophistication is key even when inspired by eclectic, personal and international kitchen and bathroom styles. For contemporary bathroom fixtures and kitchen fixtures, look at these DXV collections:

  • The AT Smart Toilet Series
  • The Equility Bathroom Collection
  • The Percy Bathroom Collection
  • The Cossu Bathroom Collection
  • The Isle Collection
DXV Bathroom Faucets in Matte Black

Luxury Begins in Each Design Movement

Overall, DXV collections encapsulate luxury for the bathroom and kitchen. To explore DXV’s high-end designs and collections, visit a Kitchen & Bath Classics or Wolseley Studio showroom. Within each DXV movement, you can explore faucets, sinks, toilets, fixtures, bathtubs and showers for your desired look with durability and quality you can trust. Ask our showroom consultants for more product information or learn more on DXV American Standard’s website.