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Inspiration & Planning Resources

Preparation is key to a successful kitchen, bathroom or home renovation. Reaching out for professional advice is always a great idea but there are some parts of planning you can also look into before you contact tradespeople and designers. For example, many cities require approvals and renovation inspections, or you may be interested in eco-friendly products to help save on your electrical or hydro costs. Looking at these details gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and be aware.

It’s also a good idea to have detailed sketches or renovation ideas to share with tradespeople or designers before contacting them. By knowing what you want, you ensure your kitchen, bathroom and home reflect your design preferences. At Kitchen & Bath Classics and Wolseley Studio, our consultants can help you discover your personal style and how it integrates into your design.

Find Home Style Inspiration

You can also prepare by reflecting on your personal style to find the perfect faucets, fixtures and accessories for your kitchen or bathroom renovation. Try these steps to come up with style ideas:

  1. Have a physical mood board or a Pinterest board filled with styles and colours you enjoy. These images don’t need to be directly related to the room you are renovating but they will provide a great starting point for your style and direction.
  2. Take a look at your current home design and decor. Chances are, there are styles and designs you already enjoy and can reference when choosing items for your renovation.
  3. Visit the Kitchen & Bath and Wolseley Studio blog to check out some ideas for what you can do with your renovation. See how styles from our showrooms can merge with your home.

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