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Water-Saving Fixtures: Showerheads

Plumbing fixtures, including showerheads, are more efficient than ever before. Surprising to most, new showerheads with a lower flow rate can still accomplish the same job as a showerhead with a higher flow rate while saving on water use. Newer showerheads are also designed to meet the latest building codes and design standards in Canada.

Choosing Low-Flow Showerheads

The obvious way to reduce water waste is to take shorter showers, but sometimes it’s just not possible. To ensure homeowners use the least amount of water without sacrificing comfort, our showrooms offer low-flow showerheads from top-rated brands.

Some people are hesitant on low-flow showerheads based on past experiences, but new technologies combine air and water for luxury low-flow showers. With Kitchen & Bath Classics and Wolseley Studio’s broad selection of shower products from top brands, you can find showers that feel like 2.5gmp/9.46lpm while only using 1.5gmp/5.6lpm. With these technologies, water consumption can be reduced by 36%.

By installing low-flow showerheads, homeowners win by saving two ways:

  • The amount of water you use while showering
  • The amount of energy used to heat the water

Additional Shower Control Fixtures

Many manufacturers have shower control devices to allow for better water control and energy consumption. Some of the features include:

  • A better water heating system so there is less time wasted on warming up running wate
  • Automatic turn off when water is not in use (like when soaping up)
  • Timed showers with an automatic turn off when the time limit is hit

It is not that easy to make the right choice.

The standard rough-in for a toilet is 12",
but it can also be 10" or 14".

We make it easy.

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