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Water Saving Faucets

There are more water-saving plumbing fixtures on the market than there have ever been, helping Canadians save more water than in previous decades. Water-saving fixtures are also commonly required to meet building and plumbing codes across Canada.

Low-Flow Faucets

It’s important to know that there are certain government standards for compliance when it comes to low-flow faucets. For example, residential faucets for bathrooms and kitchen sinks in Canada must comply with the maximum flow standard of 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm), or equivalent to 8.3 litres per minute (lpm).

For Kitchens: A faucet with a 2.2 gpm/8.3 lpm flow-rate means pasta pots can be still filled quickly and dishes can be washed effectively without wasting excess water. Many brands have much lower flow-rates but because of design, are able to provide similar performance to a much higher-flow rate faucet without wasting water. Many kitchen faucets also have multiple streams to choose from with the press of a button, giving users the option to switch between flow-rates depending on the task.

For Bathrooms: In recent years, flow rates for bathroom faucets can be less than the maximum flow rate without suffering performance. Most consumers choose bathroom faucets with 1.5gpm/5.68 lpm or less and still get the same level of comfort when washing as they would with a higher, wasteful rate

Standard Low-Flow Rates for Faucets:
Kitchen: 2.5 gpm   |   Lavatory: 1.8 gpm

Note on Hands-Free Technology

Electronic sensor faucets provide the convenience of hands-free on/off activation and water conservation. Advanced sensing technologies can accurately sense when to shut on and off, using very little water by limiting the flow rate as well as the time the fixture operates. Using a faucet like this helps keep your bathroom cleaner (like gunk that builds up around your faucet handles!) and prevents the spreading and recontamination of germs.

The sensors require electricity to operate, easily wired to the building in new construction, or battery-operated if added later. In the latter case, the batteries must be maintained. Please contact your local Kitchen & Bath Classics consultant for more information.

Water Purity and Home Health

All brands at Kitchen & Bath Classics are engineered with quality materials to aid in the consistent delivery of clean water, primarily with faucets designed to prevent standing water inside the faucet itself.

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