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Explore Franke’s wonderful kitchen solutions for your home.

The kitchen is a central feature of a home and has incredible importance. It’s a place to work, share and entertain. With Franke’s multi-functional kitchen sink and water designs, there’s style, convenience and craftsmanship that comes alive in the kitchen. Enjoy entertaining, cooking and eating in a kitchen equipped with Franke sinks, faucets and water systems.

When finding the perfect kitchen sink, homeowners not only need to consider design and form but also materials and quality. Franke kitchen sinks combine these aspects with great attention to detail. The result are sinks that appear as though they were customized for your kitchen.

FRANKE Chef Center Chillout

Kitchen Sinks With Functionality

When selecting a sink, choose a material that works with your lifestyle and cooking habits. Franke stainless steel sinks are universally popular because they can handle extreme temperatures, are hygienic and offer a timeless appeal, but you can also choose a material like granite for beauty and durability. There are also fireclay sinks for scratch-resistance and enhanced hygiene.

Franke sinks are also designed to expand your workspace. The Franke Integrated Ledge System is a tremendous example of this style of thinking. This workspace sink provides extra space for prepping and cleaning and doubles as a drying rack.

Franke Sink Faucet

Sink Bowl Features That Create Change

It may seem like a small detail, but the choices you make for your kitchen sink are important. Think about how your sink bowls can change how you use your kitchen. Deeper stainless steel sink bowls and advanced waste systems mean better water flow and less waste going down the drain.
Heat and sound insulation are other great features offered in Franke kitchen sinks to reduce the sound of water running into the bowl and keeps the water warmer for longer. If these are details you would appreciate in your kitchen, ask a Kitchen and Bath Classics or Wolseley Studio consultant for more details and options.

FRANKE Double Sink

High-End Kitchen Faucets

A kitchen sink isn’t complete without a kitchen faucet. Not only do you want your chosen kitchen faucet design to look beautiful with your kitchen sink, but it should have durability and function in mind. Franke’s high-quality kitchen faucets are designed to stand the test of time and enhance your enjoyment as you cook, eat and gather with friends and family.

Whether you are searching for an ornate faucet or prefer simplicity, Franke provides diverse styles for all design preferences in popular finishes like satin nickel and polished chrome.

Franke Insitu Facuet Kitchen

Flexibility In Faucets from Franke

Get the mobility you need from your faucet with flexible pull-down faucet heads to easily fill deep pots. Get even more functionality with pull-out faucet heads for versatility in any kitchen. You can also choose a combination of a side spray and main faucet for even greater flexibility for day-to-day kitchen activities. All of this, plus temperature control, can be done with the touch of your hand and a Franke faucet!
Explore more Franke kitchen sinks, faucets and even water-filtration systems at a Kitchen & Bath Classics or Wolseley Studio showrooms. Book a consultation to discuss the Franke range of kitchen faucets and sinks, or stop by a showroom and see the collections.