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7 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom Layout

January 9, 2018

7 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom Layout

Often, bigger homes will come stuffed with an excess of closets—but only one or one-and-a-half bathrooms. While storage space is always nice, adding an extra bathroom to your floor plan can pay off handsomely if you ever opt to resell your home, not to mention make your life easier if you have a large family.

But if you’re able to find a bit of extra space in your home, you’ll be able to create a small bathroom! Maybe you have an extra closet you never use, or perhaps there’s a nook in your living room that you can close off and transform into a washroom. If you find you have awkward or unnecessary space in your home, consider converting it into a bathroom!

7 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom Layout - Closet into Bathroom

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Turn a Closet into a Half-Bath

If you are looking to convert a smaller closet into a bathroom, adding a full shower or tub might not be possible due to space restrictions. However, simply adding a sink and toilet can still offer impressive return on investment (ROI). These features will be a very attractive feature, both to future buyers and your family when they encounter everyday traffic on the way to the bathroom.

Now… let’s learn how to make the most of a small bathroom layout:

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom Layout

7 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom Layout - Small Bathroom Sink

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1. Consider smaller fixtures and solutions to make the most of space

After you’ve chosen the right location to fit your small bathroom layout, make a design plan. Of course, even a small layout bathroom and small bathroom designs need to contain the essentials—a sink, lighting, and a toilet. Other bathroom fixtures to consider (if you have space) include bathroom mirrors and cabinets.

Turning a moderately sized closet into a full bathroom can be tricky, but possible if you are efficient with your space. If you want to include a tub or shower, consider space-saving fixtures like fold-up tubs, corner showers or half-footprint tubs.

2. Place plumbing carefully

When placing plumbing fixtures, try to locate them near existing water and sewage lines when possible. Adding your plumbing fixtures against a wall that already has plumbing access will be a big time and money saver. This means you won’t have to deal with the costly relocation of pipes.

When adding fixtures to small bathroom design, it’s imperative to check the structure of the floor before making any additions. You need to do this to ensure the floor will support the weight of the new fixtures. If not, you may need to reinforce the floor by adding more joists.

7 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom Layout - Small Bathroom Towel Storage

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3. Plan for your towel hanging space

Often, where you choose to hang towels becomes an afterthought in bathroom design. With the limited space offered by a closet, it pays to consider this small feature as part of your overall decor. A washstand with towel bars built into it can be a great space-saver.

4. Windows and venting

In addition to the usual concerns of plumbing, one essential thing that is often ignored when planning a new bathroom is the issue of venting and window space. The build-up of steam in a bathroom makes having some form of venting required to avoid developing mold or mildew.

If the small powder room is too far into your house for a window, a fan vent can help keep air circulating as well. This will prevent stuffiness in the room while also helping you avoid developing mold or mildew. Depending on where you live, a vent might even be required to keep your bathroom up to code.

Talk to your contractor about the best way to install venting or adding extra light with a window or skylight.

5. Focus on taller, leggier tables

To make the most of closet bathroom space, opt for tall, open base tables that take up less of your floor plan.

6. Keep patterns simple

A mish-mash of colours and patterns can make a smaller, enclosed space feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Paint or tile with bright, simple colours to make your new bathroom feel more open.

7 Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Small Bathroom Layout - Small Bathroom Storage

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7. Add simple storage

While having storage in a bathroom is always nice, regardless of the size, storage should not be put in at the expense of mobility. It’s critical to make the small bathroom layout usable. Fixtures and storage need to be spaced so that they are all accessible in the room and there’s still enough room for people to stand.

If a large vanity takes up too much room in your tiny bathroom, try using a simple medicine cabinet instead. You can even add a small rack to keep extra toilet paper and hand towels so no one is ever left without supplies they need.

Before starting any construction on your new small bathroom renovation, check out your local ordinances. Make sure you’re keeping everything in the room up to code. Also, look into permits for your area, as you may need to file proper permits, as well.

Are you on the other side of the spectrum and have bathroom space to spare? Consider turning part of your master bathroom into a partial closet to add storage and shelving space. This will add a similar value to your home! For more inspiration, visit a Kitchen and Bath Classics showroom today.

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