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Combining your kitchen and office

November 21, 2017

A large island can divide up the kitchen from the rest of the home, leaving room for your office

It can be entirely possible and thoroughly practical to establish your personal office right in the kitchen.

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Keep Pre-holiday Kitchen Upgrades Manageable

November 8, 2017

Get your kitchen ready for the holidays with simple upgrades.

Consider some small kitchen projects to tackle before it is time to deck the halls.

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Modernize your kitchen with quartz countertops

October 8, 2017

Want new kitchen countertops? Consider quartz.

Bringing your kitchen up-to-date may not require a major remodeling project.

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​Picking the right kitchen cabinets

October 2, 2017

You don

There are plenty of ways to freshen up kitchen decor without undertaking an entire kitchen remodeling project.

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Turn Your Kitchen Into a Baking Haven

September 23, 2017

Like to cook together? A new kitchen design should reflect that.

The person who does the most cooking and baking in the house should be the lead consultant on any upgrades or changes to the kitchen.

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Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

September 14, 2017

With the right kitchen design, the whole family can cook together and spent time together.

Everyone seems to gravitate towards the kitchen. Here's how your kitchen can be family-friendly and accommodate a range of activities. 

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Designing a Great Kids Bathroom

September 5, 2017

A kid-friendly bathroom can grow to suit their changing needs.

A kid-friendly bathroom can include unique design elements, but also be adaptable to grow as they do. 

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Considerations Before Opting for a Kitchen Island

July 28, 2017

A kitchen island can provide extra work space.

If you are looking to make a significant change to your kitchen that will increase the functionality of the space, an island may be the right decision. 

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